Seasons Greetings V by Eclogue

Apart from 1 Across, which is normal, each clue is really two clues, side by side but not overlapping, the answers to which are to be entered in the two similarly numbered spaces in the diagram, either side of the central vertical line. Either answer may be clued first and the division is not necessarily marked by punctuation - solvers must determine which goes where.  When viewing the grid in conventional order, solvers will be assisted by corrections to misprints in the definitions of one of each of the double clues which indicate a relevant title, which in turn alludes to the otherwise unclued thematic 1 Downs.

1. It’s a tricky thing to force empty idle talk (12)
6. Support column, unused to the Spanish Main at first bar diamonds, turning to swoop (5,5)
7. Bards’ way occupying one hallowed in rock grasses (5,5)
8. Venus of the red bloomers getting queen to imbibe one over the eight? On the contrary, deny not once the local way (6,6)
10. Acted to turn tide with child involved in scrapes and so on with boys (6,6)
12. Bar on which to lie cables following rule note, knight arranged that melon-like fruit (6,6)
15. To opt for thing embracing ring goes to order jug providing feed? (6,6)
16. Block charred bone on the wagon carrying gold in good condition (4,4)
18. Counted votes of English in partnership, opponents in great romance (4,4)
19. Clover’s flip that margarine spreads are sporadically lacking fat carrier being stumped by strange lore (6,6)
20. Nasal glow eccentric’s seen reflected being almost certainly a trial once (5,5)

1. Unclued (12,12)
2. Make up talk with short diagram in international arrival before the day at market (6,6)
3. East London’s contusion with atomic weight in pulse and odd invocation for fish (5,5)
4. Slew provided ordinary plain Old Norse on the whole rising (5,5)
5. Conducted measure on top player it's said, run in shambolic Leeds sides no longer (6,6)
9. Gun score rendered as bag hoarders acquire little scruple over prepared goose (8,8)
11. Relates local pasture, with no end of squall, has eastern gale flapping standard (5,5)
13. Eddies run out on rocky heights supposed life forks most of cash on Gunners (6,6)
14. Not once lets out to provide perhaps very distinctive practices after Home Counties’ shocks? (6,6)
17. Senior at old tavern in one Scots party morsels? (4,4)

To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format, to before the 8th January 2014. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book from the Chambers range which has been donated by Chambers.