Seasons Greetings IV by Eclogue

Each set of four radial answers is to be entered as follows: one centre-to-rim, one rim-to-centre, the remaining two start at a point to be determined, proceed beyond the rim or centre and continue in the same direction from the opposing edge, one inwards and one outwards. All clues contain a misprint in their definitions. The correct letters in clue order provide a partial definition of the thematic material that can be found reading clockwise in the innermost and the first and third outer-most rings. Chambers (2011) is recommended, but does not contain three proper names.

1. Jumble books in a bundle
2. Dome’s housekeeper having gas cut off
3. Spur nag on having been in front
4. Perhaps Dylan’s pong’s very strong inside his ship
5. Swede, nemesis of turnip read in the Sun once, “Nothing ball on the rebound”
6. Distance before queen with gold on brow
7. Bluid’s spilled in crofts
8. Threat primarily for Indian brave ravelled in lariat
9. Must one have material that’s drossy, perhaps?
10. Has bloodsucker a slimy mug?
11. Supports used by faunists perhaps for queleas El Salvador bound?
12. Crews drink the French way?
13. Chop staff on line
14. In holy book he preached against son having a bushy mush
15. Begum, perhaps, educated in gesture
16. Spins barrels in revolvers

17. More jaunts for king in safe environment
18. Tip fighter further below
19. On new occasions count on Gunners to take the lead?
20. Repeat what’s about to follow
21. Toms in East London, say – cryptic clue’s about name
22. Shall unit be rallying around me? On the contrary
23. Hoping in Kinshasha, say, African Union’s covered battalion
24. Vengeance laid in plot’s echoing what’s in stare
25. Homey store’s noted the money’s going for volume
26. Strap lets us be punished
27. Full bright lipstick puckered up
28. Casas in California, maybe, power users rented locally
29. Stags perhaps having sparse grazing
30. Damon’s behind in finish
31. Repent of Muslims erring if rash
32. Gypsies caught cries of shama!

To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format, to before the 8th January 2013. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a copy of one of the range of books which has been donated by Chambers.