Seasons Greetings XIII by Eclogue

All solutions are of six letters with half of the radial entries entered inwards, the other half outwards. Counting the rings from outmost inwards, the second and fourth rings provide a list of items.  These are all “possible ingredients” verified by the source, finished article and author derived from an extra letter given by the wordplay of each clue, when read in clue order.

1 Cabbing erratically for plastic receptacle
2 Sandy’s shelters held feeds twice
3 Rowdy feasts bear son out
4 Still happen to claim with centre versed
5 Dystopian writer, familiarly, poor sad soul
6 Mysterious sum fits mysticism
7 Froth on foot stokes noddles
8 Rock snakes upset chest and palms
9 Principality expending energy on crazy timber
10 Garments stun CIA assembly
11 Follows returning Scottish bird losing heart to chap
12 Went and hauled on board covering note
13 Bills seizing payment in muddles
14 Whisky in ebbing tide dismays no more
15 Chinese fruit trees hiding gypsy girl in restraints
16 Scoundrel almost to originate from sources of poison
17 Previously, approaches Scottish individual with blades
18 Days of prayer in autumn month with long hair swept back
19 Equine wart making one black with anger
20 Secret things using the bow in equal quantities
21 Subpolar soil reflecting hoary praise on a small drink
22 Smartly shot off in good condition in Perth
23 Clumsy fish in Aberdeen, settled and almost departed
24 Creator of Crystal Palace developed apt axon
25 Do Pete fry that’s barely warm
26 Little men entering retro group with yen 
27 Numbers getting over the sulks in opinions
28 Native American headman cut short by IT bod, say
29 Masses of loose stone borders
30 Arbitrary decrees noble embraces when special
31 Rice and meat dishes putting hairs on adult American
32 Afghani munshi is nursing hostility
33 Earl ragged in a frenzy is done
34 Weaned in the Lowlands, flung in the Highlands
35 Cheered, lie back with new date
36 Charged bribe on plot
37 Local washing in Slovenia?  That’s foolish talk
38 Drunk measures posts in Scotland
39 Responds to canters breaking out
40 Iain’s dusty and peevish in the pigpen
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format including rings 2 and 4, to before 8th January 2022. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book from the Chambers range, which has been donated by Chambers.