Round Robin XI

Solvers should complete the names going clockwise in the perimeter, and highlight the others in the grid that would make up the quota.
The central mini-grid should be completed using all nine letters of a thematic name to form three across and three down entries. The definitions for the six entries are shown in alphabetical order; for the correct solution, solvers should note that with regard to conventional order none of the six is in the right place.
The Chambers 13th edition is the primary reference.

  9 Banks maybe look to back initiators of economic recovery (6)
10 Discontinued screw fixing means delay at works (7)
12 Describing one in Maryculter's middle age spread? (6)
13 Scrambled egg I do like, Gromit! (6)
14 River gully? (6)
15 Article being one Norman played with I'd assumed (7)
17 Just one stopping off (4)
18 Returning angler discovered reef fish (5)
19 Trimmed meat in sandwich filling is beef (5)
20 Uncovered zealous South African's plots (5)
22 Beset by difficulty, like being short for so long (5)
25 In audition, actors often do this extract (5)
28 Very much like Kafka’s Das Schloss (5, 2 words)
30 Sessions of courts sanctioned originally by these? (4)
34 Part of orchestra violin case that’s edible? (7)
35 Hidden charge on cloth from the East (6)
36 Bicycle pedal covers styled as before (6)
37 Reason for a mass outpouring? (6)
38 Leading characters in debate into leaving Union think European stonewalling weakens the solution (7)
39 Need to beg, hence dropping caps (6)

  1 Distorted alter ego without excuse finally for one who bequeaths (7)
  2 Survey returned with area for one bird (6)
  3 Depleted uranium terrorists placed in weapon (7)
  4 Lawyer boyfriend keeps on hugging one (5)
  5 For this abnormal swelling, doctor made dressing extra-tight initially (5)
  6 More than one spoke of terrible raid around capital of Iraq (5)
  7 Italian student welcomes retired doctor and an attractive young woman (6, 2 words)
  8 Tumour beginning to advance after one overwhelmed by despair, abandoned chemo finally (6)
11 Given a degree, perhaps clipped (6)
16 Hire some apprentices (4)
19 Side getting header from Kane to catch up (4)
21 Jess’s ring is left after king is imprisoned in historic days (6)
23 Monitors in hotel room smashed by Democratic convention's centrists (7)
24 Island Nationalist reportedly abandoned veto (7)
26 Aerial, possibly, aids in the classroom (6)
27 Error raised eyes at the ophthalmic centre (6)
29 Times party hosted by retiring individual by gift (6, 2 words)
31 The case for oceanological study of ancient times (5)
32 Stylish look abandoned for myself as unmanly (5)
33 Two bars added to entrance to Murray Mount (5)

Theme and grid: Ed Powles and John Nicholson.
Clues: Steve Bartlett, Rod Beards, Rod Bell, Shirley Curran, Brian Dungate, Peter Finan, Derek Harrison, Richard Heald, Margaret Irvine, Eddie Looby, Leon F Marzillier, Dean Mayer, David McKie, Supriya Mithal, Alf Mullins, Satyen Nabar, Nebuchadnezzar, John Nicholson, John Nolan, Mark Oshin, Bhalchandra Pasupathy, Phylax, Ed Powles, Rishikesh C G, Simon Shaw, Ian Simpson, Mona Sogal, Sprout, Andy Stewart, James Taverner, Paul Taylor, John Tozer, Ajeesh V M, Luciano Ward, Nick Warne, Clive Weatherley and Keith Williams.

To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format giving the final entries to before 8th April 2019. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book from the Chambers range, which has been donated by Chambers.

You may vote for your favourite clue with your entry. You can just nominate one clue, which will be awarded 3 points, or your top three which will be awarded 3, 2 and 1 points. The person whose clue accumulates the most points will receive a prize, which has been donated by the Crossword Centre.