Round Robin IX

Liven Up With...

In the completed grid a letter must be changed appropriately in each of two entries to make them thematic, and to help display a saying missing from the title which must be highlighted (14 cells). The full title would have helped with some entries. Numbers in brackets show entry lengths. Chambers Dictionary (2016) is the primary reference.

    1    Incessant rowing having scrapped changing NIC? That’s very normal (6)
    5    Hot platter (divine) almost turned over – how dreadful! (6)
    10    Hip joining two articulated body parts (5)
    11    Drinks concoction of sake after beginning to tremble (5)
    12    Lose the back-end when turning worthless jalopy (4)
    14    Destroying angels sat in a mausoleum, content but upset (8)
    15    Small branches contain core of pulp in Chinese nettle plant (6)
    16    Look back over tack rations (6)
    18    Ripping yarn I translated, following the Spanish (7)
    19    Girl nearly dancing with this lover could be adoring (5)
    20    Tease briefly in shower  (5)
    22    Struggling nag gave away ground (7)
    27    Enzyme used in brewing yeast after introduction of calcium (6)
    29    Fish speed round lake (6)
    31    Vessel’s heaviness – women ejected by starters of Oxford’s annual race (8)
    32    Trouble aiming left for elderly couple (4)
    33    Class welcomes new tot (5)
    34    Start to get drunk, taking cap off rye (5)
    35    Attempt to secure a potential bacon supplier (6)
    36    Groups half wiped out by violent argument’s conclusion (6)
    1    “Show respect for old-timers’ is a clue throwing Charlie off (6)
    2    One with two sisters in Latin America, neither one’s heart taking precedence (6)
    3    Name-dropping British screen actor, one left behind by the tide? (7, 2 words)
    4    Upon the first touch of pig-iron, my temperature soars! (4)
    6    Standing to lose kingdom, primarily like Indian princes (5)
    7    Angry man with power? Such could include President Donald – not half (5, 2 words)
    8    Too entertained by nasal solo (6, 2 words)
    9    Disheartened of ancient Asian region towards the equator maybe (6)
    10    You’re welcome to sit on a dry pile of rubbish (4)
    11    Present arty shows in provocative dress, like Bakewell? (5)
    13    Outdo one when this could send you down (6)
    17    Regularly praise the lord at first light (6)
    19    You wouldn’t stay the night for this party I’d arranged (7, 2 words)
    20    Wearing torn black net, like Time Warp singer’s legs? (6)
    21    Ponder endlessly on his turning somewhat obstinate (6)
    22    Last traces of extinct volcano steeply rising after genesis underwater originally (5)
    23    They recognise Ali roaring his expression of joy (6)
    24    On one’s own, retired – someone who lavishes affection is needed (6)
    25    Instruction to remake notes when writing up section of long essay (5)
    26    Cavities absent on a dental practice missing broken delicate cap (5)
    28    In due course PM beheaded one persistently bleating in Scotland (4)
    30    Goodfella’s topping stoolie, wasting little time with sawn-off gun (4)

You may vote for your favourite clue with your entry. You can just nominate one clue, which will be awarded 3 points, or your top three which will be awarded 3, 2 and 1 points. The person whose clue accumulates the most points will receive a prize, which  has been donated by the Crossword Centre..

Clues by: Steve Bartlett, Rod Beards, Rod Bell, Chris Brougham, Russ Cook, Shirley Curran, Raphael Goldblatt, Richard Heald, Paul Henderson, John Hood, Margaret Irvine, Tim King, Chris Lancaster, Eddie Looby, Mike Lunan, Dean Mayer, John Nicholson, Mark Oshin, Mark Owen, Frank Pasterczyk, Bhalchandra Pasupathy, Ed Powles, Cormac Purtil, Kishore Rao, John Reardon, C G Rishikesh, Simon Shaw, Ian Simpson, Andy Stewart, Paul Taylor, Dave Tilley, John Tozer, Mark Wainwright, Luciano Ward, Nick Warne, Clive Weatherley and Keith Williams.

To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format giving the final entries to before 8th July 2017. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book from the Chambers range, which has been donated by Chambers.

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