Pound Robin II

Each down clue, except the first, has a misprint in the definition; the discarded letters must be used to replace letters in the completed grid. Each across clue, except the first, has an extra letter in the wordplay which must be removed before solving; these letters in clue order hint at how to produce the final grid. All entries in the final grid are real words. Chambers Dictionary (2016) is the primary reference.
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    2    Source of most local nuts? (4)
    7    Sue heartlessly spanks little boy, though not by means of strop (5)
    11    Bluish tone adopted by Madonna – it adds flavour (8)
    13    Concord Sage riddled son computing head of illiterate retired officers (7)
    14    Flunky heads to counter and orders my margarita in interval (5)
    15    Hunter's behind wild beast at noon (5)
    16    Very good British pilot cried (6)
    17    Cannabis user without hesitation pursues rare form of skunk (4)
    19    Man named as woman endearingly (3)
    20    Regularly we sin they blame in Kirk (4)
    21    Sport increase for old folks' home (8)
    24    One Mars survey heard missing from surface (8)
    26    Architect of inferior status is shedding loot that’s split (4)
    27    Dive down, saving the last shot, by the looks of it (3)
    29    Severe Tory out of toilet to get hot flow from crack (4)
    31    Brad waited for Joe (6)
    34    Sob when joining writer, a tremulous type (5)
    36    Mixed dishes Nadia’s dumped in wheeled storage bin (5)
    38    Sticking oar in a small, small but increasing way (7, 2 words)
    39    Old warships set out to surround angler disrupting Royal Marines (8)
    40    Composer almost talking endlessly at first about score (5)
    41    Cosy residence with phoney stone cladding (4)
    1    Jag convertible car nut’s invested in (5)
    2    Bill's pale tuft of hairs gelled up (7)
    3    Old-fashioned peach and pear jelly served up from time to time (4)
    4    Church seat with bits of marble inlaid in wood (5)
    5    Cake equipment belonging to Nadiya, in first place after baking treat (6)
    6    First knight then gentleman raised weapon, with wives on edge (4)
    8    Cookie turned black by Jock’s oven (4)
    9    Disgruntled bigamist wanting good pout (7)
    10    May embracing an OAP, say (3)
    12    A term for valid experience used originally in France (6)
    14    Protection for eyes starts to cause odd tingling effect (4)
    18    Open for business, unlike stores in recession (4)
    20    Bottom’s pinched in full pew (4)
    21    Throw down trousers - the heat! (6)
    22    Struck by lorry, swerve across deserted thoroughfare (7)
    23    It's hard when young always to get rented housing (7)
    24    All these setters working to produce what? I'll pass (4)
    25    Stickier inside the sailor’s warm boat (6)
    28    Mac’s torn – Granny’s clothing starts to imbibe rain (5)
    30    Plans to become like EU member? Start to leave (5)
    32    Knelt amid ayatollahs (4)
    33    British composer cycling in rain (4)
    35    Veteran out of hand leaving dig (4)
    37    Ground that may be followed when the first of April comes at the end of October? (3)
Grid by Towser and Wan.
Clues by: Steve Bartlett, Rod Beards, Rod Bell, Chris Brougham, Russ Cook, Shirley Curran, Andrew Fisher, Richard Foden, Craig Fothergill, Raphael Goldblatt, Derek Harrison, Richard Heald, David Hogg, John Hood, Margaret Irvine, Chris Lancaster, Eddie Looby, Robert Lorimer, Mike Lunan, Don Manley, Steve Mulligan, John Nicholson, Mark Oshin, Mark Owen, Frank Pasterczyk, Ed Powles, Steve Randall, John Reardon, Darren Roberts, Simon Shaw, Ian Simpson, Andy Smith, Doug Stanford, Andy Stewart, Paul Taylor, John Tozer, Mark Wainright, Luciano Ward, Nick Warne, Clive Weatherley and Keith Williams
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format giving the final entries to ccpuzzles@talktalk.net before 8th November 2016. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book from the Chambers range, which has been donated by Chambers.
You may vote for your favourite clue with your entry. You can just nominate one clue, which will be awarded 3 points, or your top three which will be awarded 3, 2 and 1 points. The person whose clue accumulates the most points will receive a prize, which has been donated by the Crossword Centre.