Round Robin VII:  Literal Loss by the Crossword Centre

A sentiment spelled out by correct forms of a LITERAL in each down entry and a valediction heralded by a LOSS associated with across clues are addressed to our dedicated friend who hides in the grid. Wordplay throughout reflects the required grid entry, rarely a real word, whereas definitions are faithful forms of those entries. Definitions in four clues imply two-word answers.

    1    Hungry bishop perhaps could use this sulphur-free metal (5)
    5    Carpet made in Persia's beginning to unravel (7)
    10    Location of corpse? Without it, acquit suspect over fatal shot (9)
    11    A stick for beating students failing first parts of secondary school English (4)
    12    Jaunt in which wife is beset by many weeping types? (6)
    13    Austin’s taken one so far around Spain, a good place to drive (6)
    16    Spin doctor once entrusted with incumbent’s very first __________? (9)
    18    Nation loser? Perhaps not with this (8)
    19    Claim everything's good (4)
    21    It very much reflected Pythagoras's origin (4)
    23    US citizen, maybe, not initially Japanese citizen? (8)
    25    Kylie starts to open Wiltshire show temporarily interrupting the same in the SW (9)
    27    Top stranger securing one for selection (6)
    28    Endlessly frosty parent children disparage (6)
    29    Leader of drove accepted by body of sheep (4)
    30    Membrane's displayed by injecting iodine into stuffed antelope (9)
    31    Man, this describes one end of diode (7)
    32    Government obtains money in the back-end of Glasgow (5)
    1    11 accounts of Southern primates (7)
    2    Cheers seen following mass and end of ad on northern channel (9)
    3    Arrest suspect at Isis (6)
    4    Entrées served up by mother look promising to start with but ultimately disappoint (9)
    5    Case raised by investigating Lieutenant (4)
    6    Pigsty director fills most of bucket with muddy toils (8)
    7    Apple product found around central Poland area, a sweet wine (6)
    8    Charity demands giving up $100 (4)
    9    Deny stupidly embracing university’s most respected luminary (5)
    14    Sample of towns' elect marketeers? (9)
    15    Prize for funny lead robot coming first? (9)
    17    Leaders of lascars hurry on board and set out from the Orient (8)
    20    Scottish creep pinching extremely rare recipe for Swiss cheese (7)
    22    Cook has wet duck (6)
    24    The object is in no degree genetically modified (6)
    25    Corps follows excursion bus with three conductors (5)
    26    Officer about to leave driver's seat to make plain perhaps (4)
    27    Trounce in New York ignoring all flipping misses? (4)

Grid by Paul McKenna. Clues by Rod Beards, Christopher Brougham, Shirley Curran, Brian Dungate, Raphael Goldblatt, Oli Grant, Tobias Hanbury, Rod Harling, Derek Harrison, Paul Henderson, John Hood, Margaret Irvine, Georgie Johnson, Chris Lancaster, Eddie Looby, Mike Lunan, Don Manley, Steve Mulligan, John Nicholson, Mark Oshin, Frank Pasterczyk, Jeff Pearce, John Reardon, Rishikesh C G, Simon Shaw, Ian Simpson, Doug Stanford,  Robert Teuton, John Tozer, Luciano Ward, Clive Weatherley, Keith Williams

To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format,  to before the 8th July 2015. Please vote for your favourite clue and the clue-writer who receives the most votes will receive a small prize. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book from the Chambers range which has been donated by Chambers. Please note the new email address.