Round Robin V by The Crossword Centre

Clues are to 8-lettered words which whirl around their clue numbers in the grid (two answers are of two words and one is hyphened). Solvers must deduce each word’s starting point and direction of entry. Definition parts have all suffered some change by the addition of a letter; in numerical order these letters spell out a snippet from a famous poem and its author. The Chambers Dictionary 11th edition is the source for cryptic elements but does not include all entries and The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations contains the snippet.
What appears in the twelve unchecked corner cells could form crummy hellos

1 Letting toff substitute the French soldiers for others in battle
2 Woodcutter finally stops working after uncle allowed variations in chopper's weight
3 Poles leave rag-doll and lounge with old Bob's tomes
4 A hollow hat for one who might have been a cheat
5 Not to be seven, so many of the French having turned tail at the outset
6 Wield power to pull off easy win against Conservative   
7 Told to go from 'ere, one ends with a dotty strop
8 Controller shortly after leaving cathedral consigns two new tombs
9 We could make a bit for phony poets following Pound and others initially
10 Suing family is such turmoil for nearly all relations
11 Area left with monstrous power (nuclear) at onset of tsunami revolving
12 The cure I developed could exemplify logical process halving trial and error
13 Buick's evident quality salesmen embellished
14 Rough linen set that might have been applied to soothe bruises of nailing people
15 Mine blast below the surface disrupted vital supplies of gold
16 Latinise "nuts" - interesting whim - could be "illi non compos mentis"
17 Rough cairn is special in retrospect showing Welsh symbols similar at root to the Irish
18 Cryptic clue is to have a bit of extra padding, right? My handiwork might be a little posey
19 Mona Lisa reproduction, cheap from Mogadishu, perhaps
20 Wings of avian steel, intact and ever flapping, without which larks won’t be fast
21 Some beetles off coasts in Turkey develop without leaving shoal water
22 Some fruit growers believe the FEPA is this way about withdrawn chemical spray
23 What is scent out for eldest daughter I got in an age
24 In hospital with echoing beep, perhaps shtuck as a result of this?
25 Enda we anticipated in Ireland beating ‘has-beens’.
26 One might dine from this stew of tar and beans
27 City of gold's healthcare reform lacks model hospital
28 Vile impalers reset weapons so the butts remain firm
29 They heave a bookmaker's money in coins to bank in van
30 Taking sin lightly initially, Will’s feeling great desire
31 Girls who might serve you or me spake with old-fashioned grimaces captivating you and me too
32 Dotty Earl taken in by colleens, toothy sorts finding heaven in earthy galleries
33 Fondue sent back to waiter - order late etc.
34 Reptilia hatched as rock (igneous)
35 Arabian tramps over shifting dunes, perhaps
36 Homer to slug relative Selma with her large bats after Marge is knocked out

To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format, to before the 8th September 2011. Please add your vote for your favourite clue and there will be a prize for the clue-writer who gains most votes. The first  correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a copy of Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable which has been donated by Chambers.
The grid was designed by Eric Powell & Paul McKenna. Clue writers, in alphabetical order, were Simon Bates, Larry Baum, Rod Bell, Chris Boyd, Chris Brougham, Terry Clarke, Trevor Crowther, Shirley Curran, Mike Draper, Brian Dungate, Roddy Forman, Oli Grant, John Guiver, Derek Harrison, John Hood, Chris Lancaster, Eddie Looby, Robert Lorimer, Mike Lunan, Don Manley, Steve Mann, Steve Mulligan, Barry Owen, Frank Pasterczyk, Chris Poole, Rishikesh C G, Allan Scott, Simon Shaw, Ian Simpson, Andy Smith, John Tabraham, Dave Tilley, John Tozer, Andrew Varney, Luciano Ward  & Keith Williams.