RR XIV - Second Capital

Across clues are normal. The wordplay in all but one down clue leads to an extra letter not entered in the grid. The number of the plain down clue needs inserting at some point into the message given by the extra down letters. The message should then lead solvers to a location represented in the grid.
One row must be changed to show the location and highlighted, along with six separate features, one of them unusual. (40 cells highlighted in total.)

All entries in the final grid are real words. The Chambers 13th edition is the primary reference.

  1 According to locals, ravine to west of Ghana is main point of interest (6)
  5 Judge of old is officer when in court (6)
10 The man keeping dog well-trained is a rustic (5)
12 COVID-19 often is so fast around centre of Bath (6)
13 More on the rocks, less cordial (5)
14 Colours featured in painting essentials (6)
15 Buffet items regularly ignored are sandwiches (7)
16 Fern from very large embankment with old shed (6)
18 Artificial insemination company given thanks for reversing female sterility (6)
20 Space back on ICU: man finally gets cast off (6)
21 Retired senior warrant officer backs overthrown ruler, ready to fight (6, 2 words)
23 It's a shame war film is about son being lost (6, 2 words)
27 Uncovered circular translating Eurasian group of languages (6)
31 Old man crushed by reduced sex drive hit rock bottom (7)
32 Separate and remove worn-out insole after running (6)
33 As a friend to the French and the Namibians, to some extent (5, 2 words)
34 No fat, no seconds, taking time to reflect, it's good, we say, for his gut (6)
35 In relation to waste filtration unit, learn to recycle (5)
36 Precious stone (for many) is set askew on top of tiara (6)
37 Israel's been in conflict, ignoring Blair, working for this former communist (6)
  1 Gypsy girl's magic ring lost in northern hail (5)
  2 I do relish eating sorrel - its pods provide food (6)
  3 Loathing first hint of Madeira, leaves trifle (5)
  4 Group stopping longer on IOM openly cry when leaving Douglas? (8)
  5 A term of respect assumed by nobleman out East! (5)
  6 Old Spaniard’s ready to be MC in broadcast (7)
  7 Gum arabic crushed in cog (6)
  8 Think old well's empty (5)
  9 Police take guest's silk dress (6)
11 One local getting urge to take up joint (4)
12 Her turned-out feet derived her name, bad ale fermented does the same (5)
17 Returning cleric, imprisoned by peacekeepers with ordained son, issues retraction (8)
19 Give up terrible care and sulk (7, 2 words)
21 Dirty, ignoring carbon footprint? (6)
22 It includes crooked lines around divisions (6)
23 City is endlessly bullish (5)
24 Pilot securing chart in dreadful rain (6)
25 Brief introduces client’s final character witness (5)
26 Legendary king’s followers eliminating inferior knight (5)
28 Monsieur’s elder son dropped off laxative powder (4)
29 Greenlit a network of housing support for Greystoke (5)
30 Land having rough higher places with wild grapes to be picked (5)

Clues by…
…Anax, Avtaar, Steve Bartlett, David Beamish, Rod Beards, Rod Bell, Peter Finan, Simon Griew, Derek Harrison, Hawk, Hedge-sparrow, Karla, Eddy Looby, Alf Mullins,  Satyen Nabar, Joe Nicholson, John Nicholson, John Nolan, Andrew Macleod, Leon Marzillier, Mark Oshin, Bhalchandra Pasupathy, Phylax, Ed Powles, Sowmya Ram, Ian Simpson, Andy Smith, Peter Smith, William Snow, Andy Stewart, Robert Teuton, David Thompson, Ian Thompson, John Tozer, Vismut, Luciano Ward, Clive Weatherley, David Whyte and Keith Williams.


To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format giving the final entries to ccpuzzles@talktalk.net before 8th May 2022. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book from the Chambers range, which has been donated by Chambers.


You may vote for your favourite clue with your entry. You can just nominate one clue, which will be awarded 3 points, or your top three which will be awarded 3, 2 and 1 points. The person whose clue accumulates the most points will receive a prize, which also has been donated by the Crossword Centre.