Pan by Nutmeg

A celebratory work appears in the grid. A famous name must be appropriately inserted at 35ac and a location highlighted. This person's later career is represented by 37ac, part of a saying the rest of which can be traced in various ways in the grid, and finally 10dn.
1    Leader sacked by team Down Under certainly aged (4)
5    US ready to tackle stir about moderates (9)
12    Promises to Scots hampering European summits (7)
13    Free cash secures receptacles for camp (8)
14    Lecherous look from friends briefly reflected in poem (8)
15    Working cat loses second client (4)
17    Model university in N Wales town (5)
18    Stupidly Ron describes mate in unconventional way (12)
20    Fare excludes last of summer wine (5)
21    King leaves sailing boat finally to queenly woman (4)
24    Island promontory (4)
25    God associated with Indian belief system (5)
28    Oxygen – this created strange mineral oxides (12)
31    Part of ear turning sadly cold inside (5)
33    Song about killing unknown bird (4)
34    Grapes possibly from Thailand topped product of grapevine (7)
35    see preamble (8)
36    Flower from Somerset (3)
37    see preamble (8, 4 words)
38    Get rid of soulless language (4)
2    Biased listener's put off (8)
3    One Calais lunatic connected with Osiris's sister (7)
4    Couple meeting resistance in chemical plant (8)
6    Report rising in French ranks (5)
7    Knotty problem caused by drug shortage? (6)
8    They shake driers, taking out uniform for engineers (9)
9    Children go to court in support of one son (5)
10    see preamble (8, 2 words)
11    Being deaf to persuasion, ridiculous seaman quits (4)
12    Store that queen's keeping up as basis for some medical treatment (6)
16    Cook not starting in lead but willing to learn (9)
19    Crazed youngster turns up defaced Roman trumpet (7)
22    More dishonest 'orse Guards game for 15 (7)
23    Cattle disease carried by enormous southern bug (6)
26    Reportedly ruined a college head (6)
27    Words of old song a certain measure of Greek music (6)
29    Adult in group served up edible roots (5)
30    Decline articulated fruit (5)
31    Singular producer of low barge (4)
32    Letter bishop's penned goes astray (4)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format, indicating the highlighted entry, to before the 8th September 2012. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a copy of  one of the Chambers Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable which has been donated by Chambers.