No.331 'Musical Jigsaw' by Apex

The Sunday Telegraph - Enigmatic Variations 21 February 1999

In Across rows and Down columns, where more than one non-theme-word occurs, each normal clue is separated by one extraneous word; the initial letters of these words give, in clued order, information to enable the solver to complete the title of the puzzle. The shaded squares with all letters in correct order, give the composer of this 'MUSICAL JIGSAW' who should be entered in the squares above the diagram. The correct order of the unclued pieces which give the words of the tune should be entered in the squares below the grid. The unclued pieces are numbered inside the diagram as follows:- lA (11), 2D (3), 3D (11), 4D (11), 5A (5), 6A(4), 7D (4), 8A (4). 9A (12) 10A (4), 11A (7), 12D (4), 13A (5), 14A (11). The three unchecked plus the seven mutually checked letters in the unclued pieces could give WAR ON FILTH. Chambers (1998) is recommended.


1 One aboard Circle Line train, perhaps, with nothing to laugh at before one small creature adapted upper-class beekeeper's last song about hives? (3, 5, 5)
2 Some new little game many experts have pocketed? (3)
3 Assistant Secretary in Court to reject Superior's symbol to convey millions (4, 5)
4 English, crazy about beginning of old German craft, televising section of pillar Mark coated with pure gold (6 hyphenated, 7)
5 Genuine tenor to regret hoaxing section of choir - over in Raynes Park every priest performing solo puts money into bank (4,4,5)
6 Siren out of order - hairdresser's solution - new combination in Chubb-lock? (5, 4)
7 Passage migrants in Britain can start to travel aboard ship (6)
8 Universal fools, ones avoiding chases I see in centre of Sussex town that trimmed coarse grass (5, 4, 4)
9 To obtain a sandal immediately, I speak mostly about Latin version - one I once used in marches (4, 5, 3)
10 Horses in poor condition, bears neglected, some with a disease, taken in (5, 3)
1 Greeting Henry, I chatter endlessly about 'Mastermind' broadcast in bar - Landlord's answer in final no longer clear (4, 5, 4)
2 Festival in rural England, lovely girl getting champion a half-pint (3, 5)
3 Liberal in country house raised money abroad yearly to ascertain something from wayward Kate (5, 4)
4 Count good with service revolver - shooter of darts rates contest impossible - a second has dismissed band (4, 5, 4)
5 'Bottoms', first of sonnets on complaints. Contributor saying, with tension mounting, "Locally, it used to be imagining a monkey climbing tree" (5, 4, 3)
6 To become sleepy after a bleak session, quiet European female trying to pose with Arabian instrument (5, 3, 5)
7 US girl in this Island ordered Scots to bear wounded deer from bare place on quiet slope (3, 4, 5)
8 An essential mould intruders overturned in storage firm reportedly ruined last strike (4, 5, 4)
9 Superior gunners circle what's found near lake, endangered duck after duck and a little woolly bear lie, almost secluded, under a tree (4,5,3)
10 To examine European witness about bone left in woman, nervous old surgeon
accepted drink (5, 4, 3)
11 Woman, English, to decline divorce - appropriate answer with cost mounting (4, 5)