EL-AL 999 by Nudd

At least 25 components of a generally familiar series feature among the clues. Also, seventeen clues contain a single letter misprint in the definition part. In clue order, these wrong letters indicate two components which (with some additional information) should be entered in the perimeter. The unchecked perimeter letters might spell EMINEM IN GUITAR VETO.
The Chambers Dictionary (2011) is the primary reference
    8    Substitute's a change of heart for Juliet (4)
    9    Writer's half sentimental song taking not quite five cents down under (6)
    11    Sailor backing many stocks (6)
    12    High altars of divine wisdom's pervasive natter (6)
    13    Both dropped at the start, sadly it's over in just over a kilometre for the Russians (5)
    14    Help boarding Royal Society's buses (5)
    16    Broken wings taking energy away no longer used (6)
    17    Turning nut is itself no good (7)
    18    Diamonds I claim in waterproof containers (7, two words)
    23    Atomic constituent runs into crashed Honda (6)
    25    A little time and plant fluid components from the East produce Biblical deeds (5)
    26    Start to object once adjudged ready for a row (5)
    27    Japanese boy's ploy - Maori food accommodating a lot of Scottish bulk (6)
    29    Tommy Handley shows in opening of High Noon as San Francisco nun (6)
    30    Hot love with maybe a group of birds behind tree (6)
    31    Old faithful Elvis's number one 'All shook up' (4)
    1    Free site for several identical stores (4)
    2    Perhaps suffering from consumption - this secures electroconvulsive therapy (6)
    3    Takes care of stringed instrument before ploughs (6)
    4    It is not permitted catching Japanese fish in claw (4)
    5    Losing front of bike, wobbles around sharp bends in road (6)
    6    Eat no rubbish made of hat straw (5)
    7    Not before slaves get back for panto (8)
    9    Move round behind support ship if removing weak piece of armour (8)
    10    After ten baths, soldier from Mississippi could be put in Queen's household (5)
    13    Guess vintage including wicked Asti (8)
    15    Arab with curricle to use old fashioned words (8)
    19    Human body's diseased heart (5)
    20    Albatross draped around a certain gentile (6)
    21    Murder victim in Massachusetts - once this gets around someone might do porridge (6)
    22    Lens refined in emergency room covered in filth (6)
    24    Poor me in clutches of Mafia Boss, a devil (5)
    27    With edges of knife she cut Sikh's hair (4)
    28    Knight's enthralling cry of exultation stimulating deaf (4)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format (including the perimeter), to quiz.man@ntlworld.com before the 8th June 2013. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a copy of one of the range of books which has been donated by Chambers.