20/8 by Wan


Down clues contain a misprint in the definition; correct letters in clue order give a hint to the format of the unclued entries. Solvers must write the other one, similarly treated, beneath the grid.
The Chambers dictionary (2016) is the primary reference.


    1      Bits of furniture with lids storing fashion that's coming back (8)
    7      Recipe in house; introduction to Greenland whale carcass (5)
    11    A large number linked to trouble in a part of fortress (6)
    12    Are bats seen in Quebec dead?  (6)
    13    Weak joint makes local unstable (6)
    14    See mischievous child going up (5)
    15    View fish by river in the sticks (4)
    16    Plants that will do very well in Germany and Sweden (5)
    19    Laid waste copper parts in ruins both ends of England (8)
    20    Place in exotic East for turtle flesh (7)
    21    First letters from Greece and UK say (5)
    25    King has to hide spook in Will's work (5)
    28    Asian island tours hot to the east of capital (7)
    30    Claw leaving a mark on way, close to cypress trees (8)
    33    Composes music around ten intervals of five (5)
    34    Country retreat in Qatar? No thanks! (4)
    35    Bacteria, Charlie brought back from Greece once (5)
    36    Corps in base fail to emerge (6)
    37    Do up premium antique possessions to go West (6)
    38    A silly mistake taking the pee out of wicketkeeper? (6)
    39    Query on followed scriptures (5)
    40    Soccer team oddly playing in part of cell (8)

2      Whip's movement maybe, a day when almost cracked (7)
3      Fussy about Nebraska garden (6)
4      Debs in Asia pressed to drink spirit when brought up (5)
5      Two characters, each wanting 80 gram lighter suspension part? (7, 2 words)
6      Happen to go up in that free (6)
8      Iris stuck in her overturned glue (6)
9      One's likely to rebate fine assuming it's erroneous (7)
10    Followers heading up North to see old duo (4)
17    Maybe feed fills obsequious chap from Oz dropping over (6)
18    Fishes harm spawn on river that's lacking potassium (6)
22    Rubbish alert! A Times thrown in gorse? (7)
23    Bigger than the West versus East question, in essence dreadful (7)
24    Perhaps tipped off, take one's words are backing something (7)
26    Hindu got follower's knife before being cut by associate (6)
27    Turn out to welcome the French paper family (6)
29    March around carrying old hoe (6)
31    A strand found on scale model's rear is splitting more by second (5)
32    Carp at sea? Could be in this section of water or others (4)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format, including the unclued entries, to ccpuzzles@talktalk.net before 8th July 2018. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book donated by  Chambers.