One Across by Rebus

Six unclued lights are of a kind. The 1 across will be able to solve them with the help of a defining sentence (18 words) hidden as extra words in some across clues. Chambers is the primary reference apart from 10d which appears as a definition of an associated word in OED.
9. Old coin flipped, plot Milton’s Fate (7)
11. Greek dishes up each an Athenian starter (7)
12. One left out of slalom run in sandy desert grounds (5)
14. Breaking news takes journalist here perhaps (6)
16. In exile, inhabitant accused of guts (5)
17. Captain insisted that no one religion should be backed (4)
23. Gourmet pie, one cooked with salt (7)
24. Lounges really quickly. No time at all (5)
25. “Luck of the Irish” placed tenth right in the middle of survey (5)
27. A long story of doctors and nurses even for him. Or her? (7)
35. French place with no person of white complexion (4)
36. Harangue, hit hard and ransack (5)
37. Tasmania restores animal enclosures for bird reputedly last born of three (6)
38. One in MG surrounded by roar of Triumph provides a perfect stage (5)
39. Side cannot reveal part of the next answer (7)
40. Nice dream. Bottom had no head and wanted tails (7)
41. Commercial development of event Sam tried to harm at one time (13)
1. No good move to precincts (5)
2. It could make tangle with end of ribbon? (5)
3. Get to take river to Switzerland (5)
4. Slough under graduate flirted once (6)
5. Backup information stored in memory card (7)
6. Polish broadcast from centre of  lethal strikes (7)
7. Mused about first of spring plants (6)
8. Recorded once and sound broke down (9)
10. Fisherman knots lace on board cutter (10)
15. Breaking point in melting ice is overstrained (8)
18. British Airways departure area to make acceptable lift music (10)
19. Recipe to keep in shape involved liver substances (8)
21. Chambers for co-counsel perhaps? (9)
26.  Give orders to replace director for bit of needed shut eye.  (7)
28. Strong group of just qualified Cambridge students leading hospital department (7)
29. Cherished American Communist supports party (6)
30. Conservative insurers state they give protection to seafarers (6)
32. Desperately want to see wild party (5)
33. On a previous occasion bed became bad using this instruction! (5)
34. Donkey would be part of royal family if booted with sole of foot (5)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format,  to before the 8th March 2015. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book from the Chambers range which has been donated by Chambers.