19 and 8 by Serpent

Serpent was 19 when he constructed this puzzle. As a result, eight answers are both 19 and 8, and the corresponding clues do not include definitions. Fortunately, the word formed by the eight unchecked letters in the across answers thus affected, taken in a natural order, is 19 but not 8, as is the word formed by the eight unchecked letters in the affected down answers.
1 What’s oddly trendy every so often (6)
5 Wept about lacking any sense of proportion (7)
11 Say boxer secures social and political equality? (9)
13 Hair-raising entrances of Hamlet perhaps cut short (5)
14 Conceals wrong container in the van (7, two words)
16 Author’s book distributed in detailed blue cover (7)
18 Revolutionary experience for nerd (4)
19 Very much wanted teacher to take part in action (7)
20 Rallied round surveyor (7)
21 Hospital incarcerates old, old ruler (6)
27 Cover up horrible new crime (6)
28 Signac and Seurat forget their sinister sides and include a bright colour (7)
31 Native American’s animating force sheltered place (7)
34 Measure used in skating (4)
36 Watercourses that have run dry, say, or repeatedly boiled (7)
37 Part of speech elongated for particular group (7)
38 My soldier is Queen’s best friend? (5)
39 Disorder and confusion passed quickly we’re told following informal agreement (9, two words)
40 Vivacity seen in the beginnings of enthusiasm, spirit and energy (7)
41 Obnoxious person’s habit (6)
1 No edits, save one, perhaps (6)
2 Injection of air helping to lift aeroplane’s wings (8)
3 Car came first taking silver (5)
4 Cut round part of pedestal on the outside aerial (6)
6 Wild animal charged object in bar (7)
7 Have an effect on shop order (4)
8 See preamble (10)
9 Main ingredient in around 60% of bread (5)
10 Go first to kneel inside retreat (7)
12 Expected key bill to be revised following bishop’s departure (6)
15 Carelessly wield mop (5)
17 Perhaps Rupert and I call for Patience (10, three words)
19 See preamble (5)
22 Watch being obsessive, popularity’s beginning to disappear (8)
23 You and I would be taking heed (7)
24 House in Reading in which boy is raised (5)
25 Musical little mimic captures exclusion of sound at the end (7)
26 Rarely encountered Mark since the birth of Christ (6)
29 Reluctant to upset leaders of animal rights activists favoured with papers’ support (6)
30 Approval for idiots is revoked (6)
32 Cuts reduce murders in New York initially (5)
33 Boobs seen in Game of Thrones' finale (5)
35 Disco biscuit (4)

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